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Virtual Reality For Homes in Springfield, MO?

Posted by Alex Fowler on March 03, 2017 in No Category
In a competitive real estate market, every little detail counts. Whether this means updating your profile picture every so often or having professional pictures taken for those homes for sale in Springfield, MO. That’s why Coldwell Banker is at movement towards virtual reality, a cutting edge technology that can transport the viewer to a different environment. In other words, you could virtually visit a home from the comfort of your own home. But, why VR? With virtual reality, people reta... read more
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Understanding Interest Rates in Springfield, MO

Posted by Alex Fowler on March 17, 2017 in No Category
Sometimes a few points can make a huge difference: like the score in a NCAA basketball game, or a mortgage loan interest rate. With the tournament on it's way, we can all see how crucial a few points actually are. And a few points difference in a mortgage interest rate for homes in Springfield, MO can mean the difference of a few hundred dollars. In the below video, real estate professional Jessica Edwards of Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage explains why it is important to understand interest rat... read more
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Top Tips to Sell a Home Fast

Posted by Alex Fowler on October 16, 2015 in No Category
Tired of the house or location you are in? Are you in need to sell a home fast or are you just wanting to move? Either way, moving isn't easy. Especially when your looking at selling your home fast. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions to help you speed up selling a home. Several reasons that you may need to sell your Springfield home could be that you are wanting to relocate to Nixa, MO or maybe even Ozark, MO. Maybe you got a job and just need to relocate in Springfield. Selling a home fast... read more
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Top 5 Products for Your Smart Homes In Springfield, MO

Posted by Alex Fowler on January 13, 2017 in No Category
Each year, technology seems to surprise us with many more advanced "things". As 2016 kicked in, we saw a lot of homes getting a transformation into smart homes. Now that it is 2017, what other products can we see in the upcoming year that you will be able to use for your Smart Homes in Springfield, MO? In this video, which takes place at the Consumer Electronics Show, we can see these cool new smart home devices that could put your homes for sale in Springfield, MO at the top of a buyer's list. If you ... read more
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What does your Springfield, MO home mean to you? How do you even begin to define what home means? Home is always going to be different to each person. For some, it's a place for rest. For others, it is a safe place. Even others feel that it is a place to entertain your friends with laughter and food. Home is where many "firsts" happen. First steps, first party, first pet, and many more firsts!  Since home is such a great thing, whether you have your Springfield, MO home for sale or you are buying a new one, b... read more
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