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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Posted by Art Maxwell on December 23, 2013 in  general
We have reached that time in the year where we are all moving at the speed of light trying to finish all the last minute preparations so that everything will be perfect.  The shopping, preparing for company, cleaning, cooking, gift wrapping, gift giving and all the other preparations can be a lot to coordinate and pull off without a hitch.  Although there is a lot to do and a short time to get it all done, it is all certainly worth the effort.   As we close out the 2013 year and head into 2014, a... read more
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Ozark Living

Posted by Art Maxwell on December 02, 2013 in No Category
Springfield Missouri and the surrounding areas are a great place to live.  The surrounding communities of Nixa, Republic, Willard, Strafford, Ozark, and Branson are all very accessible communities to the Springfield area.  Coldwell Banker Vanguard has been selling real estate in this community for nearly 30 years and we are proud to serve these communities.  Springfield is known locally as the “eat-out” capital of the area.  The claim that there are more restaurants per capita in Springfield ... read more
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Communication is Key

Avoid Problems by Not Creating Them
Posted by Art Maxwell on November 01, 2013 in  Thoughts
Communication is changing and the way we communicate is changing our lives.  Whenever communication speeds up the entire world speeds up.  The method of communication impacts the conveyed meaning of the communication.  A simple smile or frown can speak volumes without saying a word.  A text can be sent with smile or a frown on the face of the person sending the text and it will never be conveyed to the receiving party without an emoticon indicating the emotion.  Context is important when co... read more
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Is it Time to Buy Real Estate?

It depends upon your goals!
Posted by Art Maxwell on September 25, 2012 in  Investment
There are many differing opinions on when one should consider the purchase of real estate.  Some will never consider a purchase over and above the family home.  Some will buy second homes and/or vacation homes depending upon their lifestyle.  Others will buy real estate as investments.  So, to answer the question, “Is it time to buy real estate?” depends upon your goal with the purchase.   I believe the first purchase, and the most important, is the family home.  This is where the fa... read more
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