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Smart Homes In Springfield, MO

Posted by Alex Fowler on May 26, 2017 in No Category
We talk a lot about smart homes in Springfield, MO. The reason behind this is the fact that smart home technology is already in homes today. More and more buyers are now expecting smart home technology to be included in their next home. They want to find those smart homes in Springfield, MO. In fact, in a survey conducted by Coldwell Banker, homeowners are willing to pay extra to “smart stage” their home, with 54 percent saying they would purchase or install smart home products if they k... read more
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CBx will help our agents sell your homes for sale in Springfield, MO.   We have mentioned the power of CBx-the award-winning application harnesses and humanizes the power of big data to help our real estate agents in Springfield, MO price listings competitively, determine ideal buyers and hone in on key markets where buyers are most likely to come from – all found using real numbers, trends and market statistics. So, no matter if you have a smart home in Springfield, MO or a regular home, CBx... read more
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How Does Your Mom Make Home Awesome?

Posted by Alex Fowler on May 12, 2017 in No Category
With Mother's Day approaching, we all have one thing on our minds: MOM! Why not get your mom a smart home in Springfield, MO for a Mother's Day gift??? Honestly, that wouldn't even be enough for all that moms do for us. Whether you’re 6, 26, or 56 – you’ll always love your Mom the same way. You’ll always want that warm hug from her after a long day and you’ll always long for that special dish only she can make perfectly. You’ll always look to learn from your Mom, s... read more
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CBx is Coldwell Banker’s X-Factor and if you are thinking about selling your home then you are going to want to keep reading on.  First things first, what exactly is CBx? In short, it is an app created by the geniuses in Coldwell Banker’s tech lab and it assists a Coldwell Banker real estate agent here in Springfield, MO with developing three HUGE things: 1) It helps your agent to price the home for sale in Springfield, MO accurately. Why do I need to care about CBx ... read more
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