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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram…Have you ever heard of any of these? You may not think that they are that influential in selling you homes in Springfield, MO, advertising your smart homes in Springfield, MO, or even searching for a new home in Springfield, MO, but Coldwell Banker thinks otherwise!   Coldwell Banker Vanguard, REALTORS® advertises homes of all sorts on social media sites. Whether it is a smart home, a farm, or even a little bungalow, you can find all of t... read more
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Springfield, MO Smart Home Specialists?

Posted by Alex Fowler on April 21, 2017 in No Category
Smart homes used to be the future of real estate...but not anymore. They are the present. So why aren’t more real estate brands, companies, offices and agents doing more about understanding how smart homes are shaping today’s buyers, homes for sale and even home prices?  Simple answer? They aren’t Coldwell Banker. Coldwell Banker actually helped determine the rules of a smart home. Coldwell Banker has worked with technology site, CNET, to define what a smart home is so... read more
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Make Your Homes In Springfield, MO Easter Ready

Posted by Alex Fowler on April 14, 2017 in No Category
Whether you have a smart home in Springfield, MO, your home is for sale in Springfield, MO, or you just live in a simple home in Springfield, MO, one thing is for sure, Easter is Sunday!  Not many (if any) people have open houses in Springfield on Easter, so decorating your home won't be a problem! Here are a few DIY ideas to make it an extra hoppy Easter! Leave a Trail of Rabbit Tracks A great idea for inside or out! For inside tracks you can use baking powder and outside you can use read more
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Smart Beds For Smart Homes In Springfield, MO

Posted by Alex Fowler on April 07, 2017 in No Category
After a long week's work, how great does sleep sound? In my opinion, it sounds wonderful!!! How great would it be to have a smart bed in your smart home in Springfield, MO?It’s often said that we spend a third of our lives asleep. I wonder how much of that third is actually quality sleep. With all the research coming out recently about the importance of sleep on the quality of our lives and our ability to be creative, it is surprising that we often neglect it all together. Also, sometimes we try and... read more
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