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If you plan on having people over at your home this holiday weekend, you probably are going to have to do some entertaining. If you have recently converted your home into a smart home in Springfield, MO, then maybe the entertainment can be showing them all the cool things that smart homes really do. If you don't have a smart home, there are other things that can impact how your guests mingle. Successfully throwing a get together in your home isn’t just about the food and drinks or even the smart home devices... read more
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How to Choose Between Two Springfield, MO Homes

Posted by Alex Fowler on May 20, 2016 in No Category
If you just sold your Springfield, MO home and now you are looking for another home, but are torn between two, what do you do? Making the decision between two houses can be difficult when they both feature what you desire: affordability, space, acreage, and other great features. To avoid feeling buyer’s remorse after purchasing a home, there are a few factors to consider when making your choice. Future Value Goals can sometime depend on what type of home you are seeking. Some may want a first starter h... read more
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What does your Springfield, MO home mean to you? How do you even begin to define what home means? Home is always going to be different to each person. For some, it's a place for rest. For others, it is a safe place. Even others feel that it is a place to entertain your friends with laughter and food. Home is where many "firsts" happen. First steps, first party, first pet, and many more firsts!  Since home is such a great thing, whether you have your Springfield, MO home for sale or you are buying a new one, b... read more
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Whether you’re 2, 22, or 52 – you’ll always love your Mom the way you always have. You’ll always want to hear her voice and get a warm hug from her after a long, hard day. You’ll always want that special dish only she can make perfectly. No matter the age, you’ll always look to learn from your Mom, and seek her advice when life gets tough. Even if you are 150, your Mom will always be your Mom.We know that your Springfield, MO home is where awesomeness happens, and we kn... read more
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