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How to Think Like a Buyer When Selling a Home In Springfield, MO

Posted: October 23, 2015 by Alex Fowler

Selling a home  in Springfield, MO is a great opportunity.  It provides you with a great return on your investment. However, it can be emotional for a homeowner to let it go. Here’s how to view your home like a buyer, and reap the financial rewards.


A homeowner who is able to view their own home through the eyes of a buyer has a much better chance of selling their home quickly as well as making a higher profit. If you follow these simple tasks, this will help attract a buyer and sell your home.

Assemble the Right Team

Every great home sale begins with a knowledgeable professional. Your Springfield, MO real estate agents are invaluable during a sale, especially our agents at Coldwell Banker Vanguard. These real estate agents can provide you with unbiased and experienced opinions on your home as well as any changes that will make it more appealing to a home buyer. Your real-estate agent is also the go-to source for bringing you buyers and understanding the market. They can find comparable listings and can help you make the right decision on the correct asking price of your home. Our Springfield REALTORS® advice can greatly help you when selling a home.

Make the Mental Break

Selling a home is an emotional experience, especially for the homeowner who is parting ways with family memories. Because of this, homeowners will often attach a monetary value to their homes based on sentimental reasons. With emotions in the way, it can negatively affect their asking price as well as their ways of redecorating in order to attract a wider audience.

Think back to what your opinion was of your home when you bought it. What attracted you to the property? Maybe you were looking at Springfield homes or Ozark homes but then decided you like Nixa homes better. Or maybe you just preferred the layout of the house better. Whatever the case was, try and keep in mind what attracts people to your property and what their opinions need to be. Try visiting some open houses in Springfield or the surrounding area before you list your house and take notes about your opinions, and what you like or don't like. Take that same list home and use the same critical eye on your house and see if it passes the test. Also look up homes for sale in Springfield, MO and view similar properties and do the same test.

Create a Neutral Palette

Most people view properties online. To check out homes for sale in Springfield, MO and the surrounding area go to: Browse listings and make note of the appealing images you like. Chances are that these pictures won't have clutter or personal items in them. By taking these out of the photo, the image allows the buyer to picture themselves and their belongings in the home.

This may seem inconvenient, but when you put away personal items, it creates a blank canvas for buyers to stage your home. A good rule of thumb would be to pack up anything that you have a sentimental attachment to. This allows buyers to focus on their items rather than yours.

Paint color can be really personal. It should be tamed down to allow the features of the house to speak for itself. Grey, beige, or a mix of the two are great choices to create a neutral palette that will not distract the buyer and will allow a buyer to picture your home as theirs.


When you put your home in the market, your aim is that it will become someone else's home. By doing these little tasks, you are making buyers fall in love with your home and ensuring that the next owner will take as much care and attention as you have.


If you have any questions or need advice about a home, you can contact our Springfield, MO real estate agents below or call our office at 417-887-6664

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