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Making the Choice Between Springfield, Nixa, and Ozark Homes

Posted: September 18, 2015 by Alex Fowler

Some individuals worry that they will not ever find that perfect home. However, what happens when you find homes for sale in Springfield, MO and homes for sale in Nixa, MO and you like them all? Or what happens if you find homes for sale in Ozark, MO and like all those too? Sometimes it is difficult to pick between two homes, whether it be Nixa homes, Ozark homes, or Springfield homes, and making the decision can be difficult when they both feature a great location and everything you want. To avoid feeling buyer’s remorse after purchasing that one home, there are some factors involved when making your decision.

Future Value

Think about your goals. In most cases, a homeowner may consider goals that they have that drives what type of home they want. For example, some may be looking for a starter house while others are seeking out a vacation home. A helpful tip can be to examine prospective houses against those in the neighborhood. If buyers in that area are planning to sell their home within a couple of years and other homes are depreciating in real estate value within that area, this may help make your decision. On the other hand, properties may be appreciating in value in other areas, which can be beneficial to a buyer’s long-term goals.

In addition, owners who are comparing the prices of two homes may want to speak with Springfield REALTORS here at Coldwell Banker Vanguard, REALTORS about how to negotiate a house price and whether the sellers of those homes will be willing to negotiate. If money is the deciding factor, buyers may may go with the lowest priced home. 


Neighborhood Amenities

If both homes seem perfect for you, it may make sense to go outside the house itself for more insight. When individuals plan on moving into a new house, they need to also plan on looking at the neighborhood in which they would be living. One easy factor that may help you decide which home you want to purchase would be to compare the communities the two homes are located in to see which one is a better fit. There are several factors buyers should consider: how close it is to work, what school systems is it by, and the crime rates of the neighborhood.

Maybe the neighborhood is part of a Home Owner's Association. It may have certain amenities, such as a pool, tennis courts, trash pick up, etc. that may favor it over another home. It can also be helpful to meet some of the neighbors and ask about their experiences living in the area and see what they like and/or dislike about living there.

One more noteworthy factor to help you decide between a couple of houses would be to tour them. Go to open houses in Springfield, Nixa, and Ozark, or any of the surrounding areas and figure out which home feels the best when you walk in!


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