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How to Make My Home Smell Good For Open Houses in Springfield, MO

Posted: August 28, 2015 by Alex Fowler

It’s that time of year to start thinking about the upcoming seasons. Fall is right ahead of us and winter is not that far behind it.  With that being said, the weather in Missouri can take all sorts of turns. It might be a warm, sunny day when you are preparing for your open house in Springfield, MO, then a storm hits and the temperature drops 30 degrees. You were hoping you could open the windows and let the fresh air in so the house would smell fresh but now with the freezing cold, you have to keep the windows shut. How can you be sure to make your house smell  good without letting the cold air in?

Image Source: Flickr/ Redcorn Studios

Candles Are Quick and Easy

By far the easiest way to make your home smell good is by candle.  Look for scented candles that you know people will love. What more could the buyer want than to open the door to a festive smelling home? By doing this, you could possibly help persuade buyers and make them feel at home.


Image Source: Flickr/Diana Mieczan

Try a Simmer Pot

If you would like to add some customization to your home, use a simmer pot. This is nothing more than a saucepan that is filled with water and spices. The spices and smell depend on whatever you prefer.  These can arrange from vanilla beans to cinnamon sticks.  The way it works is you place the saucepan on a burner with the water and spice or fragrance in it. Turn it to low heat and then let the water will come to a simmer. The heat from the burner will cause the water to release the scents, making your house smell great!


Image Source: Flickr

Pomanders Work Great

A pomander is a scented ball. There are many types of pomanders, depending on what you would like to use. To make one, take a marker and draw a design on an orange or other citrus.  Then poke several holes into the skin, tracing along the design. Take a clove and put it into each hole. Completely cover the citrus with cloves. After decorating the citrus, you will need to dry it out so mold won’t grow and so the pomanders will last longer.  Try tossing the citrus with Orris root powder (this is a less expensive and cleaner way to dry fruits.)  Once the pomanders are dry, put them in a bowl and set them around your home for a great smell!


These are just a few ideas that could help. Whether you are going to host your next open houses in Springfield, MO or you are visitng one, be sure and remember these tips.

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