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Communication is Key

Avoid Problems by Not Creating Them
Posted: November 01, 2013 by Art Maxwell

Communication is changing and the way we communicate is changing our lives.  Whenever communication speeds up the entire world speeds up.  The method of communication impacts the conveyed meaning of the communication.  A simple smile or frown can speak volumes without saying a word.  A text can be sent with smile or a frown on the face of the person sending the text and it will never be conveyed to the receiving party without an emoticon indicating the emotion.  Context is important when communicating and getting the message accross the way it was intended.

Some people prefer to talk on the phone while others would rather email, text, or just post on Facebook┬«.  It is important to understand the preferred method of communication with the other party which, to a great extent, will depend upon the generation with which you are communicating.  Take time to think about how the message is received and choose the correct medium to prevent creating problems.  

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