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Security Systems For Smart Homes In Missouri: 5 Devices to Watch For

Posted: December 04, 2015 by Alex Fowler

Are you working on a smart home security system to increase safety and improve your home value? There are a ton of devices out there but not all of them are worth it. Here are the most useful security devices for your smart homes in Missouri.

Security Hubs

Security hubs focus on combining many different devices into one sensor complex that can monitor your home. This is a great option for apartments or smaller homes in Springfield, MO. A great option for these hubs include devices like Canary. It includes a motion detector, camera, speaker, and siren all in one. Different brands have different combinations of devices, but all of them will get the job done.

Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks are one of the best entries in smart home security. How they work is that they replace traditional door bolts with electronic versions that connect to wireless networks. They can perform a variety of functions to boost your security. Most let you lock and unlock doors from a distance with your phone, as well as showing you who has accessed your home while you have been away.

One cool thing these do is they use pass codes to automatically unlock the door. You can give people a "pass" that temporally allows them to access your home. Some even include speakers and cameras so you can look or talk with the people who want to enter your home.

Break and Entry Sensors

If you are looking for more protection for your home, check out break and entry sensors. They function in two different ways. Break sensors detect impact and shatter damage for glass. These are useful around windows and glass doors. Entry sensors have two parts and if these parts get separated when they are activated, it will create an alarm. Both are very useful for full home security.

Wireless Cams with Sensors

Today's security cameras have a lot of useful security options. You can now watch the cam online from anywhere, they have a speaker to talk with, night vision, motion sensors so they only turn on when they sense someone nearby, and much more. Most of them are wireless, so you can literally move them and put them wherever you want.

Smart Tags and Geofencing

Geofencing alludes to smart tagging and creating “zones” for your smart home security system. Smart devices activate when close to the zones or leaving the zones, allowing you to keep track of them and create specific commands. Ways for how these are useful involves more active forms of security, such as keeping track of your pets or of children.

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